New Zealand based Little Cat Designs specialises in creating unique jewellery in sterling silver that uses the play of shadow and light to create pieces that will fascinate and delight.

Little Cat Designs designer and jeweller is Alison Sammes.

Alison's passion is in creating unique designs that are comfortable to wear every day, yet are so beautiful that the deceptively simple designs and clean lines of each piece makes a subtle statement of quality.

Each piece of jewellery is completely crafted by Alison, using a range of techniques to create some of the beautiful designs integral to the effect of the jewellery.

Each piece is designed and hand crafted by Alison, who also does custom work, so if you have an idea that you would like to see brought to life please send an email to discuss the possibilities.

Whether accented with Paua (Abalone) shells, pearls, or simply left plain the beauty of the silver pieces shines through.


Stirling silver floating lavendar pearl and paw print rings